All Work and No Coffee Makes the Office a Dull Place

If I asked you what activity apart from brushing your teeth and eating your breakfast that you religiously do each morning what would that be? Isn’t it sipping on that must have cup of coffee that gets you through the day? For most people, coffee in the morning is more than just an activity; it’s a way of life. It’s quite simply the best way to start a morning and get you through the day as well. A mid-day coffee break can make being drowned in piles of paperwork bearable.


Most offices have a coffee machine on each floor for the employees. It could be either an espresso coffee machine or a coffee vending machine. Either way, one thing we all agree upon is that it’s a lifesaver. In the unfortunate event that your office doesn’t have a coffee machine, you should install a commercial coffee machine as soon as possible. Here’s why.

Ever wondered why more and more companies install commercial coffee machines from FreshBoost in the workplace?

  1. Conveniently Serving A Need:

Employees want their morning coffee, and they aren’t willing to wait. Installing a commercial coffee machine fulfills that need conveniently. No need to grind the beans, prepare the machine, wait for the brew or clean up afterward. One button press and rejoice!

  1. Consistency of Taste:

Preparing coffee with an old-school coffee machine requires barista-rescue knowledge about the beans, aroma and brewing time. However, that doesn’t guarantee the same, robust taste every day, even if you follow the same procedure. Finding a  commercial coffee machine for lease will offer you the same taste consistently, every single day. No need to be a coffee making genius to make the magic happen.


  1. Productivity

When does science say coffee boosts productivity, who are we to argue otherwise? Eighty-nine percent of employees believe that one cup of coffee can make the entire day better. Apart from recharging dropping energy levels, coffee time is a convenient way to interact with the boss, your colleagues or simply catch up with other departments. It’s also a fantastic way to catch up with your own thoughts.

  1. Return on investment

Since the employees are going to drink coffee either way, why don’t you let them drink in the comforts of their own office rather than traveling to the Starbucks three blocks away? Think about how much time and energy a manager can save by only installing a machine and avoiding the time and energy costs of employees leaving for a coffee break or getting coffee delivered at the office. Reduce costs and improve employee productivity by investing in a commercial coffee machine.

  1. Clients Love A Good Mug Of Coffee:

Since one of every two Americans drinks coffee each day, chances are, your customers do too. Imagine being able to welcome them with a warm, aromatic mug of coffee in the conference room instantly, rather than having to bring it over from the outside and having them sit alone in the meantime. You’ll be doing your company a big favor by improving its brand image in the eyes of the clients.

Feeling convinced yet? You should be. Take a leap of faith here; it’s proven, and it’s working. Coffee never disappoints, ever. And neither would your clients if you install a commercial coffee machine in the office.