Ballroom dancing for a creative team building exercise in your office

For every company, regardless of which industry you might operate in, the employees would undoubtedly seem to be your most important asset. This is because no matter how technologically advanced your company might be becoming, a bit of traditional touch would always remain. This is something which could be seen with the massive workforce being employed.

Hence, in order to keep them loyal and motivated, you might have thought of countless different ways in order to do that. In addition, you have also begun to realize the importance of teamwork. This is because while it would definitely be better that some work be completed alone, the results might be much greater if you could get the task completed as a team. In addition, it would also allow bonding to entail between the members; something which would remain for many years to come.


So, if you are thinking about a creative method for team building exercise, you might want to consider ballroom dancing perth. Even though it might sound slightly strange to your ears, you would be surprised by the massive positivity that it would be able to generate. In addition, this is also something which would be completely new to your employees – something that they have never experienced before.

Therefore, if you would like to know how ballroom dancing would be able to contribute to employee wellness and productivity, read on below.

  • It would make you smarter

In our brain, you would find it to be composed of a complex set of neural pathways. It is in this way that it would be able to make various connections between different activities and ideas. So, the stronger the connection that you would be able to make, the stronger would your brain become as well.

In the case of ballroom dancing, you would also find that it would require quick decision-making. This would in turn bolster intelligence.

  • Team building

According to Harvard Business Review, “Social time turns out to be deeply critical to team performance, often accounting for more than 50% of positive changes in communication patterns.” So, in order to work cohesively, you would need to work together. This is again something which ballroom dancing would be able to provide you with since you would need a partner to dance with. So, in order to build up a trusting and cohesive partnership, you would have to just trust your partner that both of you would be able to move in sync.

  • Wellness and energy

In a normal workstation, an employee would be required to sit in front of a computer screen for eight hours at a stretch. While that might become exhausting to say the least, a bit of change would definitely be required. So, ballroom dancing would be able to provide both entertainment along with a serious workout.

  • Confidence

When you would be dancing, you would become more self-aware of the movements that your body would be making. This would ultimately help to build self-confidence.


Hence, as you can see, ballroom dancing with our friends at Daele Fraser Dance Studio and Fitness is something which could definitely be considered to be a unique team building exercise. In addition to giving your employees something new, it would also allow them to forge a strong bond amongst themselves. Add DFDS to facebook