Ballroom dancing for a creative team building exercise in your office

For every company, regardless of which industry you might operate in, the employees would undoubtedly seem to be your most important asset. This is because no matter how technologically advanced your company might be becoming, a bit of traditional touch would always remain. This is something which could be seen with the massive workforce being employed.

Hence, in order to keep them loyal and motivated, you might have thought of countless different ways in order to do that. In addition, you have also begun to realize the importance of teamwork. This is because while it would definitely be better that some work be completed alone, the results might be much greater if you could get the task completed as a team. In addition, it would also allow bonding to entail between the members; something which would remain for many years to come.


So, if you are thinking about a creative method for team building exercise, you might want to consider ballroom dancing perth. Even though it might sound slightly strange to your ears, you would be surprised by the massive positivity that it would be able to generate. In addition, this is also something which would be completely new to your employees – something that they have never experienced before.

Therefore, if you would like to know how ballroom dancing would be able to contribute to employee wellness and productivity, read on below.

  • It would make you smarter

In our brain, you would find it to be composed of a complex set of neural pathways. It is in this way that it would be able to make various connections between different activities and ideas. So, the stronger the connection that you would be able to make, the stronger would your brain become as well.

In the case of ballroom dancing, you would also find that it would require quick decision-making. This would in turn bolster intelligence.

  • Team building

According to Harvard Business Review, “Social time turns out to be deeply critical to team performance, often accounting for more than 50% of positive changes in communication patterns.” So, in order to work cohesively, you would need to work together. This is again something which ballroom dancing would be able to provide you with since you would need a partner to dance with. So, in order to build up a trusting and cohesive partnership, you would have to just trust your partner that both of you would be able to move in sync.

  • Wellness and energy

In a normal workstation, an employee would be required to sit in front of a computer screen for eight hours at a stretch. While that might become exhausting to say the least, a bit of change would definitely be required. So, ballroom dancing would be able to provide both entertainment along with a serious workout.

  • Confidence

When you would be dancing, you would become more self-aware of the movements that your body would be making. This would ultimately help to build self-confidence.


Hence, as you can see, ballroom dancing with our friends at Daele Fraser Dance Studio and Fitness is something which could definitely be considered to be a unique team building exercise. In addition to giving your employees something new, it would also allow them to forge a strong bond amongst themselves. Add DFDS to facebook


To save the cost use Business equipment for an efficient office

 Automatic Coffee Machine


Business equipment for an efficient office is the very necessary requirement of any type of business. The main object to use office equipment is to consume less energy than normal equipment. There are many business pieces of equipment used to save energy in the office in different modes.

  1. Always use computers in power down mode and sleeping mode.
  2. Copiers machine should be used with double-sided copy and mode of sleeping.
  3. Printers should be used in double-sided printing and mode of sleeping.

Energy efficient equipment is not only limited to machine and office furniture. There are many other options are available for many businesses like auto dealers, construction companies, restaurants, and hotels.

Main Reason


As per the recent study conducted in the U.S., the use of electricity is growing in office equipment inside all the buildings.  Every business is paying lots of money in the form of payment for the use of electricity every year. It goes more than two billion dollars which create the heavy burden in the business per annum. The use of office equipment with the efficient energy can save the money and consumption of energy as well. It will reduce the expenses of business up to some extent.

Steps to saving energy with Business equipment for an efficient office

  1. Turn off the equipment – One should make sure to turn off all the equipment when not to use in case they do not have an option of sleeping mode and power down mode. It is also recommended for Automatic Coffee Machine. The best option is to maximize the energy to unplug or switch off the equipment each time when you finish the work. Some equipment uses the energy if they are turned off but not unplugged. This type of energy is called vampire energy and can be saved by turning off the power from the main strip at the end of the work. There is a misconception among the masses by leaving the computer in switch-on mode all over the time will save the energy. The business in U.S. has lost two billion by leaving the computers in switch-on mode over the night.people-in-the-office3
  2. New options for energy-efficiency– Every business type requires the different type of equipment as per necessity of their business. So, one should know their business types to explore their energy efficiency options. In collaboration with US Energy Department and EPA, the program called Energy Star offers a list of products which can be used as energy saving device. It will be helpful for you to Google the product of your choice and you can follow energy saving tips your small business types. In case you like some products in the price list of catalog firstly check the option of sleeping mode and power down mode. It is very necessary in a case of computers and monitors which help to save the usage of electricity up to one-third portion. There is some other energy efficient gadgets liked television, refrigerators, dishwashers, cordless phones, automatic coffee machine etc.


We would like to conclude at the end the more usage of business equipment for an efficient office will save the energy and reduce the extra business expenses.


All Work and No Coffee Makes the Office a Dull Place

If I asked you what activity apart from brushing your teeth and eating your breakfast that you religiously do each morning what would that be? Isn’t it sipping on that must have cup of coffee that gets you through the day? For most people, coffee in the morning is more than just an activity; it’s a way of life. It’s quite simply the best way to start a morning and get you through the day as well. A mid-day coffee break can make being drowned in piles of paperwork bearable.


Most offices have a coffee machine on each floor for the employees. It could be either an espresso coffee machine or a coffee vending machine. Either way, one thing we all agree upon is that it’s a lifesaver. In the unfortunate event that your office doesn’t have a coffee machine, you should install a commercial coffee machine as soon as possible. Here’s why.

Ever wondered why more and more companies install commercial coffee machines from FreshBoost in the workplace?

  1. Conveniently Serving A Need:

Employees want their morning coffee, and they aren’t willing to wait. Installing a commercial coffee machine fulfills that need conveniently. No need to grind the beans, prepare the machine, wait for the brew or clean up afterward. One button press and rejoice!

  1. Consistency of Taste:

Preparing coffee with an old-school coffee machine requires barista-rescue knowledge about the beans, aroma and brewing time. However, that doesn’t guarantee the same, robust taste every day, even if you follow the same procedure. Finding a  commercial coffee machine for lease will offer you the same taste consistently, every single day. No need to be a coffee making genius to make the magic happen.


  1. Productivity

When does science say coffee boosts productivity, who are we to argue otherwise? Eighty-nine percent of employees believe that one cup of coffee can make the entire day better. Apart from recharging dropping energy levels, coffee time is a convenient way to interact with the boss, your colleagues or simply catch up with other departments. It’s also a fantastic way to catch up with your own thoughts.

  1. Return on investment

Since the employees are going to drink coffee either way, why don’t you let them drink in the comforts of their own office rather than traveling to the Starbucks three blocks away? Think about how much time and energy a manager can save by only installing a machine and avoiding the time and energy costs of employees leaving for a coffee break or getting coffee delivered at the office. Reduce costs and improve employee productivity by investing in a commercial coffee machine.

  1. Clients Love A Good Mug Of Coffee:

Since one of every two Americans drinks coffee each day, chances are, your customers do too. Imagine being able to welcome them with a warm, aromatic mug of coffee in the conference room instantly, rather than having to bring it over from the outside and having them sit alone in the meantime. You’ll be doing your company a big favor by improving its brand image in the eyes of the clients.

Feeling convinced yet? You should be. Take a leap of faith here; it’s proven, and it’s working. Coffee never disappoints, ever. And neither would your clients if you install a commercial coffee machine in the office.…


Laws of Attraction can Actually Help your Business Marketing

home business ideas

It happens to everyone that sometimes we are lost in the thinking of something that we want truly; it may be a call for the interview selection, or simply it is a gift that we desire on our birthday, or any good news that will make our day, etc. and the very next moment that thing really happens and that feeling is very miraculous to us, but scientifically that is actually the Law of Attraction that works all around the universe. We all are made of a very complex structure and till date even the scientist have been able to find out physical complexities of the body , but they are till date not sure about the unseen features of the body such as dreams, soul, the sub conscious world etc.

We our mind continuously thinks over a subject we are unknowingly thinking it such a power of need that our body start radiating or sending electromagnetic waves to the outer world which in turn full fills that demand, more over not only good thing if someone is extreme negative and is constantly thinking about an accident of disease then for sure he/ she will soon meet it. So law of attraction works at all times even in dreams, so here the question arises that how can Law of Attraction be helpful in business marketing ideas as well as for growth of business? So let us find the answer below.

It is not a Wish Spell:tiptop-energy

The Law of Attraction is not wishes spell that just sitting down and thinking about your business marketing will bring your desired results. It works only when you are dedicated physically, mentally, emotionally and truly by your soul. It is also said that “God Helps those Who Help Themselves” so being numb and thinking about success will not bring the results at your door step, to achieve your goals you need to move in the right direction.

Be Clear about Your Marketing Techniques and Results:

The fundamental of marketing and the results that you are going to achieve from it should be crystal clear in your mind. When everything is followed systematically and is clear in your mind even the results, then your mind and body starts attracting the things from the world and you will sooner get positive results in your business marketing. This also helps you to manage your work and remain calm at all time because you know that what you are going to get at the end of the day.

Be the First One to Experience it, and then post it on others:

For knowing that this actually works you need to first experience it first before tell it to your fellow coworkers. When you have once experienced it and you know the magical power of the law of attraction then you can simply implement thin in your marketing strategy as well to the other marketing team. This will surely built up a positive power atmosphere where success and growth will come automatically at your door step.